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Russell Kirk

| 29 kwietnia 2013 | 0 Komentarzy

Kirk20 years ago, on April 29th 1994 in Mecosta (Michigan), Russell Amos Kirk died at the age of 75, a political philosopher, historian of political thought, literary critic and a novelist (author of horror novels); received his doctorate in literature at the University of St Andrews in Scotland; an associate of the National Review and Chronicles, founder (1957) and the first editor of the Modern Age magazine; in 1964 he supported the presidential campaign of B. Goldwater; one of the greatest (and few American – as "born in the wrong time and place", with "Gothic and unenlightened mind"), representatives of traditional conservatism based on divine revelation and transcendent moral order (natural law), "organic" and prudent (in the spirit of St. Thomas Aquinas, R. Hooker and E. Burke); a critic of libertarianism, so-called neo-conservatism, the dependence of U.S. political policy on the interests of Israel and "democratic missionism", an enemy of modernity – even in its technical dimension (the car is a "mechanical Jacobin"); in 1963, converted (from being Episcopalian) to Catholicism and became involved with defending the Roman liturgical tradition of Una Voce America; in 1989 awarded by R. Reagan the Presidential Citizens Medal.


prof. Jacek Bartyzel

translated by Arek Jakubczyk


Kategoria: Reactionary Diary

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