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About Us

The Conservative Thought

Due to expressed interest we are launching an English section to our website.

Who are we? Well, we come from various parts of Poland and currently live in a number of different European countries. Driven by the hunger to have something of our own our paths crossed.

We found each other in the virtual world so that we may be of service to the idea of Conservatism. In effect the “Conservative Thought” was born.

Quite often we hear: why? What’s the sense…? Our answer: in our opinion work and a roof over our heads – however fundamental and necessary cannot exclusively constitute the content of one’s life. For us it is the “Who” and not the “Where” which takes precedence.

We are old fashion conservatives by conviction. We know that God exists. We are sure that certain aspects of human activity and thought must be rooted in transcendence; however they mustn’t try to copy it – they have not got the right to do so. We also believe, contrary to what we hear around us, that people are sinful and imperfect beings.

Ways in which we express that which we regard to be true, are diverse: journalism, texts dedicated to the philosophy of politics and current affairs, historical deliberations, graphics, book critique, as well as texts discussing culture. That’s our groundwork and an intellectual adventure combined with new friendships at the same time. The same goes for the historical, cultural and ideological treasuries offered by the countries we live in, from which we try to draw upon as much as we possibly can.

In the future we would like to organise meetings, lectures and live discussions, we believe that our Club will strengthen and grow and in time attract others of different skills and knowledge.

We do not feel that it is appropriate to insult those with different views, so everyone who joins us has to remember that, at the same time what we consider important, is specified quite clearly and we will never consider abandoning our convictions.

Those who do not identify or simply disagree with us – we won’t force to, but we are always open to discussion and polemics.


Come and Join!!