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Richard Nixon

| 22 kwietnia 2013 | 0 Komentarzy

Nixon20 years ago, April 22nd 1994, Richard Milhous Nixon died in New York at the age of 81, a lawyer and a politician; he came from a poor family of Quakers; a Republican conservative; 1947-1951 congressman on behalf of the Republican Party (worked in the Un-American Activities Committee), 1951-1953 a Senator from California, from 1953 to 1961 a U.S. Vice President during D. Eisenhower 's presidency, in 1960 lost the presidential election to J.F. Kennedy, but won it in 1968 with H. Humphrey and G. McGovern in 1972; 37th U.S. President from 20th of January 1969 to August 9th 1974; launched a policy of "detente" and established contacts with the PRC, but suppressed a communist invasion of Indochina (Cambodia) and South America (supported the military coup in Chile); the only president in the history of the U.S. forced to resign before the end of his term because of the so-called (blown out of proportion by the liberal press journalists) “Watergate” scandal. 


prof. Jacek Bartyzel

translated by Arek Jakubczyk


Kategoria: Reactionary Diary

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