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Louis XX

| 25 kwietnia 2013 | 2 komentarze

Louis_XX40 years ago, on April 25th 1974 in El Pardo , near Madrid – the second son of the then Dauphin of France , Fr. Alphonse de Bourbon (since 1975 by the law a king of France and Navarre – Alfonso II ) and (the granddaughter of Gen. F. Franco) Carmen Martínez- Bordiú y Franco – Prince Louis- Alphonse- Gonzalve -Victor- Emmanuel – Marc de Bourbon (Spanish Don Luis Alfonso Gonzalo Víctor Manuel Marco de Borbón y Martínez- Bordiú ) , in a direct line descendant of Kings – St. Louis IX , Henry IV the Great, Louis XIV and Philip V of Spanish, from 19 September 1981 the Duke of Touraine (duc de Touraine) and since the tragic death of his older brother, Francis (7th of February 1984) – Dolphin of France; since the tragic death of his father (30th of January 1989) – The head of the House of Bourbon (Chef de la Maison de Bourbon ), Duke of Anjou ( duc d'Anjou ) and the King of France and Navarre by law Louis XX was born; in the same way also the 19th Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Spirit ( L' Ordre de Saint -Esprit ); a cavalier of the Order of St. Michael and a bailiff of the Order of Malta; on January 8th 2013 he officially condemned the draft of the law on the same-sex "marriages" and supported the opposition movement of Catholic families.


prof. Jacek Bartyzel

translated by Arek Jakubczyk




Kategoria: Reactionary Diary

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