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Carlos Abascal Carranza

| 2 grudnia 2010 | 0 Komentarzy

El actual titular de la Secretaría de Gobernación, en imagen de archivo5 years ago, 2nd of December 2008 at the age of 59 – José Carlos María Abascal Carranza died in Mexico City, a lawyer, publicist and a politician; the youngest of five sons’ and eleven children of the charismatic synarchist leader (“ayatollah of integrism”) Salvador Abascal Infante (1910–2000), a theorist of a Christian state (“the Gospel is my light, my guide and inspiration for all of my actions”) and a critic of parliamentary democracy – (“a farce promoted by Masons and a springboard for communism”), in all likelihood a member of the underground El Yunque [“Anvil”] catholic organisation, a cavalier of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, an activist of the National Action Party; 1995-97 a president of the (COPARMEX) – a confederation of Mexican employers, 2000-05 a Secretary of Labour and of Welfare in V.Foxs’ first non-liberal Mexican government in 133 years (he “shocked” the defenders of the “secular state” by dedicating his office to the care of the Virgin of Guadeloupe) and 2005-06 a Secretary of Interior (de facto a prime minister in the Mexican government system); a Mexican politician most opposed by the Left (as a ultraconservative, an “obscurantist and a fanatic” as well as a “misogynist”); a candidate for sainthood at the initiative of Cardinal Primate Norberto Rivera.

prof. Jacek Bartyzel

Kategoria: Reactionary Diary

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