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Charles I the Great

| 28 stycznia 2013 | 0 Komentarzy

charlemagne1200 years ago on January 28th 814 at the age of 71 or 65 – Charles I the Great (Latin: Carolus Magnus , German: Karl der Große , French: Charlemagne ) died in Aachen , a grandson of Charles Martel and a son of Pepin the Short , 9 .10.768 a co-regent (together with his brother Carloman) of the Kingdom of the Franks , from 4th/ 5th of December 771 the only king of the Franks ( Rex Francorum ) and the king of Burgundy, king of Aquitaine from 774 and a king of the Lombards , 25th of December 800 crowned in Rome by Pope Leo III, the Emperor of Rome – first in the West for 476 years , " The Pacifier Imperator Charlemagne, Ruler of the Roman Empire " ( Carolus Magnus Pacificus Emperor, Imperium Romanorum Gubernans ; in the titularies version from year 806 – " the Emperor, Caesar , Charles I, never to be vanquished king of the Franks , provost of the Roman Empire , the pious , the happy, victorious and triumphant and the eternal August ' a creator of an empire stretching from the North Sea to Corsica and northern Italy and the Spanish March to Saxony ; father of Europe in the political, religious and cultural terms, so-called a protector of the so-called Carolingian Renaissance, an archetype of a Christian emperor.

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