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Alain de Benoist de Gentissart

| 11 grudnia 2010 | 0 Komentarzy

Benoist Alain de70 years ago , 11th of December 1943 Alain de Benoist de Gentissart also known as Cédric de Gentissart , Fabrice Laroche , Robert de Hert and David Barney was born in Saint- Symphorien , near Tours, a political philosopher, scientist and an essayist , and a bibliographer of the French Right, a scion of an aristocratic Catholic family (as well as on his mother's side of Gustave Moreau ), in his early youth associated with nationalist right groups and their journals (The Federation of Nationalist Students , " Lectures françaises ", Europe – Action ) and a sympathiser of the OAS , influenced by reading the anti-Christian religious scholar L. Rougier , he turned to pagan traditions , co-founder (1968 )of GRECE – meta-political association of the New Right ( Nouvelle droite ) – AN elitist , Nietzschean , anti-Christian , anti-nationalist , regionalist , referring to the etiology , eugenics and other biological theories – even called the " pope " of and the founder and editor of the " Nouvelle Ecole " ( 1969), and " Krisis " (1988), a regular commentator (from 1973) in " Elements " , the principal head responsible for publishing numerous book series; a laureate of the Grand Novelist Prize of the French Academy ( 1978) , after 1989 he abandoned the symmetrical critique of liberalism and Marxism ( as a form of an extreme egalitarianism ) in favour of a unilateral anti-liberalism , anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism and the alliance with the revolutionary left ( also collaborating with A. Dugin ) ; his current views are defined as : criticism of individual – universalism , nationalism and ethnocentrism – as different manifestations of the same "metaphysics of subjectivity " ; a systematic deconstruction of the "merchant state of mind " – responsible for the planetary rule of the capital; protection of local autonomy and different identities communal identities – as a condition for the revival of democracy; " integral federalism ," based on the principle of subsidiarity and practice of participatory democracy , also pointing out :Rousseau , the Paris Commune , " heroic " French socialism , fascist non-conformists from the 30s , the German conservative Revolution , revolutionary syndicalism , and situationism as his forebearers.


prof. Jacek Bartyzel

translated by Arek Jakubczyk

Kategoria: Reactionary Diary

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